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eSpark’s is one of the best training institute, it is located in Bangalore. We are offering complete training in Microsoft .NET technology,MVC,SQL Server,Sql Server(BI). This training program teaches you how to program in the .NET Framework using ASP.NET. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn to develop and debug programs using the newest Microsoft development platform and Object Oriented techniques.
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ASP DotNet
C# DotNet
MVC Live Projects
SQL Server 2005,2008 R2
Sql Server Business Intelligence Integration Services
Sql Server Business Intelligence Reporting Services
Live Windows Application Development(Projects)
Final Year Projects with Guide
Mini Projects with Guide
IEEE Projects 2012,2013
Non IEEE Projects
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After Completion of the Course:
· Interview Guidance Provided
· Mock Tests Conducted
· Mock Interviews
· Resume Preparation as per the standards
· Guidance for Microsoft Certification Exam
· 14/7 Lab facility
Course Content - DotNet Training
Complete Training in Real-Time Examples (MNC).
Weekend and Week days Batches available, Fast Track Batches also available, For Complete Course you will get the material.
Module 1: Introduction to Introduction to ASP.NET
• Understanding the basic architecture of a web application Three Tier Architecture
• Learn the key features of ASP.NET
• Know the difference between a Visual Studio website and web application project

Module 2: Web Forms Architecture and Other Files
• Web forms Life Cycle
• Introduction to Page Class
• Web Forms Event Model
• Explore the single-file and Code-Behind models
• The Request and Response objects
• Web.config, global.asax etc

Module 3: Web Applications Using Visual Studio 2010
• Using Visual Web Developer
• Visual Studio Form Designer
• Using Components

Module 4: State Management and Web Applications
• Define the role of view state
• Read and Write cookies
• The role of application state and session state
• Using SQL server session management

Module 5: Server Controls
• HTML Server Control
• Web Forms Server Control
• Validation Control

Module 6: Master Pages and User Control
• Understanding and creating user control
• Creating composite user control
• Manipulating user control on the host page
• Exposing events from User Control
• Host web pages subscription the user control
• Introducing the Master Pages
• Nested Master pages
• Master page events and page access

Module 7: Site Navigation
• Basic page navigation
• Response.Redirect() and Server.Transfer()
• Work With the Multiview Control
• Understand the site map model of
• Examine the menu navigation control
• Examine the treeview navigation control

Module 8: Creating XML Web Services
• Create web service
• Consume web service
• SOAP messages

Module 9: Caching ASP.NET
• What is caching?
• Page-Level Caching
• Application level caching
• Cache object and output cache

Module 10: ASP.NET Security Fundamentals
• Definition of Web security
• Understand Web programming best practices
• Learn ASP.NET forms-based authentication
• Discover ASP.NET authorization
• Encrypting sections of Web.config
• Know ASP.NET security configuration
• Learn IIS security
• Work with ASP.NET security controls

Module 11: Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling
• Debugging the code in visual studi0 2012
• Application Tracing
• Page Tracing
• Error Handling Best Practice

Module 12: ADO.NET and LINQ
• Introducing System.Data.dll
• The ADO.NET Data Providers
• The Speedy DataReader
• Binding DataReaders to Web controls
• Performing CRUD operations in a connected model
• Working with Parameters
• Working with SQL Server Stored Procedures
• The Disconnected Model
• Working with the Data Adapter
• Working with the members of a DataSet
• Working with a DataView
• Testing the CommandBuilder
• Adding Data relationships

Module 13: Data Access in ASP.NET 4.0
• Data Source Controls
• Connection String Storage
• GridView
• DetailsView
• FormView
• Object Data Sources
• Compose, publish, and deploy business rules
• FormView
• DataPager
• Entity Data Model
• EntityDataSource
• LinqDataSource
• QueryExtender

Module 14: ASP.NET and AJAX
• Know the role of AJAX
• AJAX in today's Web world
• Understand the role of the XMLHttpRequest object
• Learn the ASP.NET AJAX controls
• Explore the ASP.NET AJAX client libraries
• Use the UpdatePanel and the UpdateProgress controls
•Build a Web site using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

Module 15: Introduction of WCF
• What is WCF?
• Address, Binding and Contract
• WCF Services and Clients
• Creating Proxies
• Configuration Files
• Metadata
• Standard Endpoints
• WCF Architecture
WCF Services and Clients • Lab 16: Enabling Business Partner Integration

Module 15: Introduction of ASP.NET MVC
• Model-View-Controller Pattern
• What is ASP.NET MVC?
• ASP.NET MVC Projects in Visual Studio
• Controllers
• Views
• Model Binding
• Lab 17: IIS deployment of ASP.NET application

Module 15: Introduction of WCF
• Copying a Web site in Visual Studio
• Publishing a Web site in Visual Studio
• Building an ASP.NET Web deployment (*.msi) project

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